about us


SLAB is created by people, and their stories are worth knowing, because they are the strength of the company.

• The president of the company, Grzegorz Wywigacz, worked for fifteen years as a technologist and production manager of the laser cutting department.

• Artur Jednoróg and Krzysztof Diaconescu from 2001 as part of the AVE! constructed from scratch many models of plasma cutters, implementing them among hundreds of customers

• Operators with equally extensive experience

our team

Since the 70s of the last century, we have been trying to make our employees the best of the best. Thanks to continuous specialist trainings and work in an international team, they achieved mastery in their profession. Extremely high requirements of our clients and frequent business trips to the remotest corners of the globe result in the development of their skills.

Staff of experienced managers, supported by the CRM system, guarantees very good contact with the client and the ability to track and report production status.


The company SLAB Sp. z o.o. it was created with the aim of giving a new quality to the market of cutting and bending services for sheets, pipes and profiles. Bystronic Xpert 250 bending machine is a device that will allow us to perform the process of sheet bending in a unparalleled way on the market, guaranteeing full repeatability of the process. In tandem with 10kW Bystronic laser, working within one network and one technology program, creates a system that guarantees the highest quality of production.

The Swiss precision behind the Bystronic is perfectly reflected in our work and the entire production and logistics processes are carried out in accordance with the procedures implemented under ISO9001.


Taking advantage of our strategic location among many Polish and Czech glassworks and drawing on the experience of German specialists, in 1999 we started the production of special lighting systems. This extremely difficult activity requires a combination of precision (which is the basis for performing work such as glass, metal, stone and other, rare but beautiful materials) with care for a great final effect. Therefore, immediate response to customer needs and perfection in the implementation of the order is our everyday life.

SLAB Sp. z o.o. is located 12 km from the A4 motorway, at the on the very edge of three borders. It's an perfect location to take on orders not only from Poland, but also from neighboring countries.


The buildings themselves are also part of our heritage.

Fully restored production halls from 1885, from the very beginning being the basis for metal production, accentuate the emphasis put by our company on history and tradition. 


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