complex metalworking services

We offer complex metalworking services along with the development of production technology based on the 2D and 3D CAD models.
Fiber optic 10kW laser and Bystronic press brake with a pressure of 250 tons, bending machine combining pipe bending on rollers with the function of free forming any radius - this is our technological base supported by complete CAD and CAM software.
A wide range of services, modern machine park and many years of experience in the field of metalworks allow us to take on any order. 


about us
the latest technology and experience in metal processing dating back to 1979 is something that distinguishes us on the market


Discover our capabilities and modern machine park, thanks to which we are able to take on any, even the most demanding order


production in our company is carried out in accordance with internal standards based on 3-stage quality control
and ISO 9001


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Our story begins in 1979, when we started a production of metal parts in a small workshop, on a few machines.  After years of development, a conglomerate of companies was created, of which SLAB Sp. z o.o. is the newest child. Thinking ahead, we have always put emphasis on development and investment. Thanks to this, today we can be proud of a expanded machine park, cutting-edge technology and talented workforce.

new technology

We manage the entire production from the level of Plant Manager supported by the complete By Soft 7 software. This allows us to optimize production to a level unavailable to other companies working in a different way. An advanced CAD / CAM system supports a tube bender with the function of free bending any radius in 3D space. Our accuracy is supervised by the Axel Systems LTD measuring system and the quality is confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate.

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