our machines

laser cutting

ByStar Fiber 4020 Dynamic Edition 10kW


The ByStar Fiber model is currently the most powerful machine in the range of Bystronic products with a working area of ​​2000x4000mm.
The cutting of structural steels, stainless steels, aluminum, copper, brass and galvanized steel works perfectly.
Additional CNC rotary axis equipment allows you to cut pipes up to 3700mm long and 315mm in diameter

bending sheets

Xpert 250/4100


The Xpert model from the newest production line for 2018 provides the best bending results thanks to Pressure-Reference technology with fully automated dynamic compensation

compact machine for small parts

Xpert 40


Maximum process speed and quality via high acceleration of the upper beam and back gauge

pipe bending

Star Evo 800


Automatic bending machine series Evolution 800 CN6 for pipes and profiles.
The version with calendering, variable radius and axes control allows to combine bending on classic rolls with a solution giving any variable radius while machining one part

machining centre

Hermle C400


C 400 is a dynamic and efficient
5-axis machining center.
It offers high cutting performance with maximum accuracy and surface quality

Our modern machine park is complemented by three modern lathes and milling machines both CNC and manual, supported by drills and grinders. In addition, we have a fully equipped grinding plant, welding shop and paint shop. Thanks to this, we are ready to take on any even the most demanding order

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