The quality of our services and perfection in their implementation are crucial for us.
One of the goals of our existence is the desire to create a company offering metal processing services at the highest level, starting from the ordering system to tracking and transport. Everything in accordance with the ISO9001 standard.
Implementation of the quality policy is based on universal awareness,
that the responsibility for the accuracy of the tasks performed lies with all employees. Each lot leaving our factory is subjected to a final inspection at a quality control station equipped with a measurement system
Axel Systems LTD and the RPS measuring arm.
We are aware of the impact of our company on the environment and therefore we aim to make our services and activities friendly to the environment as well as comply with the ECOCYKL regulations.
The development of our company is related to the systematic and planned reduction of the impact on the natural environment.

"we are what we repeatedly do
excellence then is not an act but a habbit"

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